Timing First was founded in September 2012 as a limited liability company, set out to provide accurate timing and results for high schools in central Ohio. We have many years of experience operating Finishlynx cameras (Fully Automatic Timing), IPICO Chip timing equipment and Daktronics / Gill / Huahai scoreboards and windguages. T1st also worked with FinishTiming of Springfield, Ohio, as a sub-contractor for several years.

Timing First Experience:

  • Finishlynx F.A.T. Operation
  • Data Management Software (Hytek, Lynxpad, Racetab and Meetpro)
  • IPICO RFID Transponder System
  • Finishtiming Sub-contractor


  • 2005-Present – Midwest Meet of Champions Cross Country Meet
  • 2006-Present – Ohio Capital Conference Track and Field Championship
  • 2010- Present – Ohio Capital Conference – Cross Country Championship
  • 2011- Present – OHSAA Central District D1 & 2 Track and Field Championships
  • 2011- Present – Central District Indoor Championships
  • 2012 – Present – Mansfield Mehock Relays
  • 2016 – Present – OHSAA Pickerington Regional Meets