Timing First, LLC specialized in photo finish timing and results for Cross Country and Track & Field. We utilize the latest sports technology from FinishLynx, IPICO, Trident, Huahai, Adaptive, Micrograte and Gill. We provide full data entry services for all events through the Athletic.net network and all live results through athletic.live.

Cross Country

  • IPICO / Trident RFID Transponder Timing
  • Finish line displays
  • Virtual mobile device displays for order of finish and team scores
  • Split point timing
  • Live Results
  • Hytek and MeetPro meet management scoring options
  • Online entry and data processing

Track and Field

  • FinishLynx Fully Automatic Timing, accurate to 1/1,000th of a second
  • IdentiLynx video review cameras
  • Wireless start systems
  • Finish line displays (video and LED)
  • Virtual mobile device displays
  • Ultra-sonic wind gauges
  • Hytek Independent Timing Contractor (ITC) for meet management software
  • Live Results
  • Tablet scoring options for field events
  • Wireless print options
  • Online entry and data processing